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    CEO & Founder
  • Lauren Messiah


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    Alumni Spotlight January 2014
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    Alumni Spotlight February 2014
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    Alumni Spotlight April 2014
  • Vanessa Lobos

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  • Terra Stuart

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Class Schedule

Los Angeles

Class One

The Business

August 16th-17th 10am-7pm The W Hollywood

Class Two

Fashion Fundamentals

August 20th 10am-7pm The W Hollywood

Class Three

Styling Bootcamp

August 23rd 10am-7pm Quixote Studios

Tour of Style

August 27th 10am-6pm The Beverly Center

Personal Styling

August 30th 10am-7pm The W Hollywood

The Shoot

October 18th 11am-7pm Quixote Studios

New York


  • Ace Hotel

    New York
  • The W Hollywood

    Los Angeles
  • Quixote Studios

    Los Angeles
  • Tribeca Skyline Studios

    New York
  • The Refinery Hotel

    New York
  • Smashbox Studios

    Los Angeles

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