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7 Up and Coming Designers You Need to Know

July 21, 2014

More than ever before, fashion seems to be a booming business with lots of upcoming names and endless options for self-expression. There might be great competition, but there are designers who really stand out for their talent, originality and power to engage those who are highly hooked with the latest trends and the coolest creativity. […]

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Top 6 Un-boring Models to Follow on Instagram

July 18, 2014

Some models have really boring and wack Instagram accounts so we did some college worthy research to find out which ones have a decent amount of entertaining photo journeys.  Below you will find 6 un-boring accounts to follow. Riley Montana @loveme_rileyy She hails from Detroit and we love Detroit and we love Riley Montana.  Her […]


Fast Fashion Disposability; The Issues We Are Talking About Now

July 14, 2014

Fast fashion – a clear focus on the speedy transformation of high-end catwalk trends to high street fashion affordable to all – is deeply connected to important socio-economic issues, to the extent that it can be called fatal fashion; one of the least desirable developments related to globalization. It means greater accessibility to avant-garde style […]