Quit Your Day Job

Top 3 Reasons to Quit the Day Job and Become a Stylist

September 22, 2014

Your day job might be boring, overwhelming and not a perfect much to your needs and aspirations. It might pay your bills but probably pays less than what you’ve dreamed of. And certainly you might feel trapped in a very specific framework, with rigid rules and a stubborn boss. You need to express yourself, to […]

networking main

Top 3 Networking Fails for Stylists

September 19, 2014

Networking is a major component of success, and some people feel it’s the most important part. Have you ever heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know?” This rings true for most successful wardrobe stylists as there is always somebody that connects you with a power player or decision maker. That […]


3 Fastest Ways Assistant Stylists get Fired on Set

September 18, 2014

#1 Over-sharing Posting photos and info from a shoot or fitting on social media can get you tossed off the job at lightening speed. First off, you’re an assistant; it’s not your shoot to share with the world. If you’d really like to take a picture, ask for permission first, presumably at an appropriate time- NOT […]

Rachel Zoe

The Top 5 Things Stylists Stress Out About

September 17, 2014

Being a stylist and aspiring to boost your clients’ confidence through your imaginative suggestions, is quite a stressful job. Remember, though that the moment you start panicking, inspiration abandons you. It’s true that you’re dealing with minute details, fragile psychologies and perfect style rules that have to be broken artfully, but amidst this daily chaos, […]

Steven Alan Showroom

Shop Like a Stylist: 7 Showrooms and PR Spots in NYC

September 16, 2014

Multi-label fashion showrooms with the latest designer collections available to stylists, press and wholesale buyers are usually parts of fashion PR companies representing upcoming and established brands. These well-managed spaces are a great resource for stylists seeking to suggest something unique to their clients. From these ateliers, they borrow the samples that later on will […]