Top 5 Red Carpet Looks by Micaela Erlanger

May 22, 2015

With our Menswear Styling Certification Program just a couple weeks away, we thought we’d share our favorite looks styled by Micaela Erlanger. Why? Well, in case you haven’t heard, she will be speaking at our Menswear Styling class in New York! We’re so honored and excited to have her and we know our students are too. […]


Style Tips: Sweaty Solutions

May 19, 2015

In case you’ve been living under a rock, our awesome co-founder Lauren Messiah is dishing out free fashion tips on the regular! Yep – that’s right, free tips sent straight to your inbox every single day. We thought we’d share with you some useful tips that can not only help you, but help your styling […]


Why We Love Secrets of Stylists

May 15, 2015

We always love to share with you guys our favorite things! Today, we’re raving all about our favorite book titled “Secrets of Stylists” by Sasha Charnin Morrison. In our classes, we always elaborate on the importance of educating yourself! Our number one book that we always tell our students to add to their reading list […]


Style Society Top Jobs Recap

May 14, 2015

It was another great week full of amazing job opportunities for our School of Style graduates! We can’t wait to get to New York for our next round of elective classes. And with our next Stylist Certification Program just two months away, we know that the industry will be ready for another eager batch of […]


Adventures of an Assistant: Questions to Ask

May 12, 2015

There’s no feeling quite like receiving your first Style Society e-mail! The jobs that come in are UNREAL. When booking your first job as an intern or assistant stylist,  you might be a little nervous and shy – totally understandable! But just because you’re a little nervous, there are still some important questions to ask […]


Why We (and Stylists) Love Net-a-Porter

May 7, 2015

With our Introduction to Styling class just 4 weeks away, we couldn’t hide the secret any longer. We’re having a VERY special guest from Net-a-Porter to dish out all things e-commerce! As a stylist, you are always looking for different ways to make your clients happy. You also need to be fast, efficient, and effective […]