Stylist Spotlight: Ilaria Urbinati

April 17, 2015

Ilaria Urbinati was born in Rome and raised in Paris. She started her career in fashion by working at Ron Herman, and after becoming one of their top sellers, she was asked to work for her aunt, designer Laura Urbinati, eventually becoming a buyer and manager for Laura’s West Hollywood boutique. During her 3 years […]

lauren messiah personal stylist

A Look Inside a Personal Stylist’s Kit

April 8, 2015

Disclosure: This post brought to you in collaboration with MOO Every stylist has a kit. Inside a stylists’ kit you will find all of the gadgets and tools used to make their subjects (models and celebrities) look their very best. However, when you work as a personal stylist (aka stylist to “real” people) you will […]


Why is Style Society So Awesome?

April 4, 2015

So what exactly is Style Society and why is it so awesome? Great question! In a nutshell, Style Society is our job placement network where we hook our grads up with high profile jobs in the fashion and entertainment industry. The purpose is to provide further support once students have graduated from our program. Since […]


Style Society Top 8 Jobs Recap

April 2, 2015

We get overwhelmed by how many people want to work with our graduates. It’s so awesome to know that people come to School of Style to get the best intern, assistant, or key stylist. We’ve built up quite the reputation and our graduates have proven, through hard work, that our grads are the best! We […]


What a Stylist Should Bring to Work

April 1, 2015

Picture this: You just got an amazing internship or assistant position through our Style Society job placement network. Now you’re asking yourself “Now what?” Well, this one is for you! We have a whole section in our Stylist Certification Program that covers this in great detail about how to get to work, what to wear, […]