Lessons From Lauren: How To Get More Styling Clients

September 2, 2015

A hot topic around here is how do I get get more styling clients!! If we want to get paid then we kinda need clients, right? So that is what today’s video is all about. Take a look and if you have any techniques for getting clients, please leave it in the comments section. Want […]


Lessons From Lauren: Moms Can Be Stylists Too!

August 26, 2015

The big question I get from prospective students and even students who attend our classes is this … “I’m a Mom, do I really have a shot at being a successful stylist?” The answer is yes! Yes, moms can be stylists too. Now I am not a mom (just a dog mom) so I can’t […]

Crystal Cave headshot

Student Success: Crystal Cave

August 21, 2015

We love to see our graduates succeed! It makes us love what we do even more. We were so excited to catch up with Crystal Cave who has been running her own business and starting her own online program designed for women between sizes 10-22, teaching them how to style their body types. She is […]


Lessons From Lauren: Becoming A Stylist After 30

August 19, 2015

Starting a new career is a scary thing. I know this because before becoming a stylist I had a successful 9-5 job where I made pretty good money. Making the jump from full-time to freelance was terrifying! Why? Well for starters, I fully supported myself – no husband, rich boyfriend, or parent was going to […]


What We Learned From Monica Rose

August 17, 2015

          With our very last Introduction to Styling class of the year, we knew we had to bring out the big guns! We were so lucky that our dear friend and School of Style mentor, Monica Rose, took the time out of her extremely busy schedule to stop by our class […]


Style Society’s Top Jobs Recap

August 14, 2015

Our School of Style graduates make us so extremely proud! We just graduated 35 more students last month and they have been out there working ever since! We have just two more Stylist Certification Programs left in 2015. Our next one is in Los Angeles September 12th – 20th and then in New York October […]