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Lauren Styles America’s Next Top Model Winner

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If you are an America’s Next Top Model fan, then you know that Lisa D’Amato won the big title last week. She didn’t win just any Top Model title either. She was crowned the winner of the Top Model All Star season. Pretty major. One of Lisa’s prizes was to be the face of the fragrance Dream Come True.

Well it was our very own Lauren Messiah’s dream come true as well because she got the style Lisa for the fragrance campaign. So cool!

Check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot to see Lauren working her magic. If you look closely you can also see Lauren’s assistant and School Of Style grad, Mikaela :)

Dream Come True – Photoshoot from hatchbeauty on Vimeo.

ANTM Dream Come True styling by Lauren Messiah

ANTM Dream Come True 2 styling by Lauren Messiah