Personal Styling


  • Los Angeles
  • New York

Personal Styling is a two-day class that is specifically designed for aspiring personal stylists. If you live in a city where a career in high fashion or celebrity styling isn’t available to you, or your passion is to help people by developing their personal style – then perhaps a career in personal styling is for you.

During this two-day course, students will be provided with the tools needed to start their own personal styling business. This class is the perfect introduction to the career and covers a wide range of topics including creating a business plan, communicating with clients, how to conduct a closet audit, and much more.

Students will be provided with a comprehensive workbook, water, and light refreshments during this one-day course. Lunch is not provided, however there will be a one-hour break where students can leave for lunch.

What's Covered

  • An introduction to a career in personal styling

  • How to start a personal styling business

  • How to market yourself as a personal stylist

  • Learn to conduct a client consultation

  • Shopping and styling a variety of clientele

  • Policies, paperwork, and billing as a personal stylist

  • Sample forms needed to run a styling business

  • Getting started as a personal stylist

  • Guidelines to continued success after competition of this course

  • Many additional subjects will also be covered

Student Success Story


Reichelle Palo

Since graduating in 2011, Reichelle has worked for some of the world’s most powerful stylists including: Rob and Mariel, B. Akerlund, and Arianne Philips. Reichelle has even been able to take on a few jobs as a key stylist for red carpet events, fashion editorials, and press events.

Learn More


  • NY
  • Jun-06 to Jun-07 10am-7pm Tribeca Skyline Studios

  • LA
  • Apr-11 to Apr-12 10am-7pm Quixote Studios